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Each week on Socially Stacked, we feature a social media marketing Campaign to inspire marketers and ShortStack users.

A vote-only Campaign is similar to a crowdsourcing Campaign in that you, the brand, provide the media for your users to vote on.

Vote-only Campaigns are a powerful way to quickly survey your users or get the opinion about a new product or project you’re considering with your business. Vote-only promotions are also a great way to pick a winner from a long list of entries.

Planning a Vote-Only Campaign

1.  Make it easy for your fans to vote: Vote-only Campaigns are successful because most of your followers won’t mind the quick click of a mouse it takes to express an opinion. Since you’re wanting to get as many votes as possible, publishing your Campaign to the web will make it so all of your fans can easily enter. If you publish your Campaign on Facebook you’ll exclude any of your online followers that don’t have a Facebook account.

2. Prevent Voting Fraud: As I previously mentioned, clicking “vote” is a fairly easy action for fans to take. This is why it’s common for voting fraud to happen if you have no guidelines in place for how often people can vote. ShortStack’s Voting Widget provides a variety of options for cutting down on fraud. This includes setting up voting limits based on time or email address.

3. Keep it Relevant: Vote-only promotions are great because they bring in a lot of engagement, but make sure you’re asking your fans to vote on something that’s relevant to your brand. Some of the common ways we see businesses using vote-only promotions is as a follow-up to their photo contest or as a means of choosing a new branding element such as a logo or social network cover image. It’s also common, as we show in the example below to use a vote-only promotion to ask your fans to pick a “fan of the month” or a “player of the year” or even an “organization of the year.”

Templates to help you build a Vote-Only Campaign

Photo Vote Contest
Vote to Enter Sweepstakes
Vote Only Crowdsourcing

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