10 Web Design Trend Predictions for 2017 [Infographic]

Web Design Trend Predictions

It’s a new year and you know what that means: new goals to set and design tweaks to plan. Today’s infographic outlines 10 web design trend predictions for 2017, offers plenty of things to think about.

1. Micro-mini interactions

Micro-mini interactions are interactive animations that can make user interface more appealing. The animations can communicate state and provide feedback and even help people visualize the results of their actions.

2. Weather app development

Apparently weather apps are in high demand. Go figure. According to WP Shrug, the company that offers WordPress support and maintenance, and who made this infographic, plenty of UX designers are focusing on weather apps.

3. A mobile-first approach

This isn’t exactly new, but now that more people connect to the Internet via smart phones and tablets, making mobile a priority is essential. 

4. Interactive web storytelling

It might seem counterintuitive but one of the ways web designers are creating more natural interactions for users and companies, is with chat bots.

5. More responsive design

Responsive design makes websites more dynamic, allowing for its contents to adjust and even be rearranged, depending on the screen size the content is being viewed on. It’s right up there with “mobile first” in terms of design priorities.

6. Hapnotic feedback

Haptic feedback is the technology, which refers to the use of sense of touch in a user interface, such as a virtual keyboard.

7. Original images and typography

Unique typography, personalized illustrations (like the ones our designer creates for every blog post!) and authentic photography; here’s how to create designer quality images for free.

8. More flat design

Flat design, like Google’s website and Pinterest cards — in which sections of content are displayed as individual cards — make it easy to navigate around a website.

9. Parallax scrolling

Parallax is a scrolling mechanic which gives the illusion of a 3D experience to users. It can make websites look more dynamic.

10. Performance and intelligent analytics insight

Insights should go beyond views and unique visitors. When insights tell you which part of a website could be improved, or discarded, a brand can increase engagement with its customers.

For more details on each of these trends, read the whole infographic below.


Web Design Trend Predictions
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