2016 Email Trends [Infographic]

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Do you use campaigns —  like contests and other giveaways — to collect email addresses?

Did you know that email is still the most effective way to reach your existing customers, or that hosting campaigns is the beset way to collect new email addresses?

If you’re ready to start building an email list, we can help and today’s infographic from Inquest Marketing even offers some great insight into 2016 email trends.

Some tidbits:

• 77% of users prefer communications through email

• 51% of all emails are opened via a mobile device

• 8 out of 10 marketers free pressure to show ROI on marketing spends

• Animated GIFs raise open rates by 26%

• 70% of Americans check email while watching television

• 52% check email while in bed

• 50% check email while on vacation

• 43% check email while on the phone

• And file this under TMI, but 42% check email in the bathroom


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