4 Unique Lead Generation Campaigns for Real Estate Marketers to Attract and Engage New Buyers and Sellers

4 Unique Lead Generation Campaigns for Real Estate Marketers to Attract and Engage New Buyers and Sellers

Building a list of potential buyers and sellers is essential for anyone in real estate. While your competitors are using open houses to get the word out about themselves, you can start building relationships with real people all over town without leaving your office. Instead of relying on the same old boring methods of lead generation, try engaging with potential clients on a new level with an online contest.

Below are three ideas for how ShortStack can help you outperform your competitors and grow your business.

Find out what they know about home buying with a knowledge quiz

Buyer-readiness helps you determine which leads are “hot” and which are, well, not. Test the knowledge of potential home buyers while allowing them to find out if they’re ready to buy.

Quiz potential buyers about how home prices have changed in the area over the past year, ask them about the debt to income ratio, and ask them to guess projected housing prices in the coming years. Your questions can show buyers the value of home buying (wow! Prices are expected to rise THAT much?) while allowing them to find out if they are ready to buy now (do they have a big enough down payment?) or how much they need to save before they give homeownership a go.

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Even if quiz-takers aren’t ready to buy today, the quiz can also serve as a lead magnet so you know who in your area is interested in purchasing a home in the future.

Offer exclusive rewards to past clients with an invite-only giveaway

Word of mouth marketing is a powerful tool for any business, but it’s especially powerful for real estate. Reward your past customers and maintain the relationship you formed while working with them with an invite-only giveaway.

Invite past customers to submit the names of people they know who are looking to buy or sell a home. Offer people who submit an entry into the contest the chance to win a prize for their home, maybe a home improvement gift card. Alternatively, you could give everyone whose referrals hire you with a set dollar reward.

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Why does an invite-only campaign work? It shows your clients you are thinking about them and appreciate them. In turn, it keeps your business in the minds of your customers and increases the chances that they’ll refer you to people they know.

Ask them to share their home buying experience to win prizes

Storytelling can be a powerful way to help you learn what is most important to home buyers during the buying process. What do they value when looking for a new home? What was difficult for them?

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Ask your followers to share their home-buying experiences for a chance to win prizes like gift cards to local restaurants or shops. Later, you can use this information to make your services better and go the extra mile for your customers.

Spread the joy of new homeownership with a hashtag contest

One of the best parts of buying a house is seeing that SOLD sign in the front yard. And it seems like every realtor takes a photo of their clients beside that sign and in front of their new home. Why not encourage your clients to share that photo with the world?

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Run a hashtag contest on Instagram where entrants post their SOLD sign photos with your branded hashtag in order to enter. This big life event is sure to catch the eye of their friends, who will also catch your hashtag when congratulating the new homeowner.

Ready to get started on one of these ideas? Just click on the link for the template associated with the idea you like. You can customize the template with your logo, photos of your customers grinning after finding their dream homes, list houses you’ve sold or have for sale and other content that reflects your business. If you need any help, our support team has your back: theteam@shortstacklab.com

4 Unique Lead Generation Campaigns for Real Estate Marketers to Attract and Engage New Buyers and Sellers
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