6 Quiz Ideas to Engage your Customers and Collect Leads

Quiz Ideas to Engage your Customers and Collect Leads

Tired of running giveaways and contests to collect leads? Try a quiz instead! Quizzes provide a fun way for people to engage with your brand, and allow you to shake up your lead collection efforts. Below you will find examples of how our customers have used three types of quiz templates we offer, the Knowledge Quiz template, the Personality Quiz template and the Trivia Quiz template.

Ikon Pass’s “The Ledge Of Knowledge” Quiz

Quizzes that allow your fans to test their knowledge are great for engagement. Ikon Pass created their “The Ledge Of Knowledge” quiz with this in mind. The campaign tested their following of mountain enthusiasts to see if they knew various Ikon Pass facts. Even though their goal was to engage the customer and wasn’t to drive sales, they collected the email addresses of quiz takers before their scores were revealed.

Air Canada’s “Test Your Knowledge Of All Things Air Canada” Quiz

Air Canada also used the Knowledge Quiz template to share information about the company with fans and frequent fliers. Their quiz challenged people to test their Air Canada knowledge, with questions like “In which airport does Air Canada have Maple Leaf Lounges in the USA?” (Answer: Los Angeles and New York LaGuardia). To help stir interest, all quiz takers were entered to win one of five $100 Air Canada gift cards and the grand prize of two Air Canada tickets.

Home Office Makeover’s “Find Your Design Style” Personality Quiz

Personality quizzes give marketers a chance to “customize” products and services offered to customers based on their preferences. With their “Find Your Design Style” quiz, Home Office Makeover asks questions that lead quiz takers to discover which office design best fits their personality. The outcomes show photos of offices that fit their style and a link to a collection of products on Home Office Makeover’s website.

The Honey Baked Ham Company’s “Honey Baked Hammelier” Quiz

For another take on a quiz, check out The Honey Baked Ham Company’s “Honey Baked Hammelier” quiz. Quiz takers answer questions about honey-baked hams. At the end of the quiz, a certificate is revealed to those who “have what it takes to become a “HoneyBaked Hammelier.” This campaign is a truly unique way for The Honey Baked Ham Company to collect leads from their target market — ham lovers!

Futura’s Emotional Intelligence Trivia Quiz

Hosting an event? Try pairing a trivia quiz with a giveaway. That’s what Futura did with their emotional intelligence trivia quiz. Futura asked entrants to answer two trivia questions when they submitted their entry to win tickets to an upcoming Navigating Success seminar. With these answers, Futura can gauge what the audience does or doesn’t know about emotional intelligence, then base future marketing and events off of this knowledge.

SoutheastHEALTH’s Hospital Week Trivia Quiz

Trivia quizzes don’t need to reveal someone’s score after they are finished taking the quiz. Instead, take the approach that SoutheastHEALTH did with their Hospital Week Trivia quiz. With this campaign, SouthestHEALTH asked a variety of questions via a form. Then, to incentivize folks to read the next week’s InforMed newsletter, they reveal the answers in the newsletter for quiztakers to check out.

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Quiz Ideas to Engage your Customers and Collect Leads
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