Busiest Holiday Shopping Days 2016 [Infographic]

Busiest Holiday Shopping Days 2016

The business shopping days of the year are upon us. We trust you’ve got plenty of contests and promotions planned for the next six weeks (and we’ve got tons of ideas for you if you’re in need of a few — just hit the “Campaign Ideas” category on our blog).

Today’s infographic, from Shoppertrack, includes a list of the busiest days, plus has some reminders for marketers.

First, a list of the busiest shopping days:

  1. November 25 (Black Friday)
  2. Monday, December 26
  3. Friday, December 23
  4. Saturday, December 17
  5. Saturday, December 10
  6. November 26 (Small Business Saturday)
  7. Thursday, December 22
  8. Saturday, December 3
  9. Sunday, December 18
  10. Wednesday, December 21

For contest and promotion ideas that correspond with each of the days listed above, don’t miss this post.

Then the top tips to consider:

  1. Know that annual activity patterns remain consistent. Be sure to optimize your staffing and inventory with special emphasis on top traffic dates.
  2. Reconsider Thanksgiving Day. Don’t confuse what you want to happen with what your customers will actually do.
  3. Accept and embrace the trends.
  4. Don’t overreact to perceived trends. Shoppers behavior has been consistent over the last five years so days ebbs and flows can likely be attributed to weather events.


Busiest Holiday Shopping Days 2016
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