Campaign Examples: An Easy Quiz, Contest and Coupon

An Easy Quiz, Contest and Coupon

August is hectic — just ask anyone who’s a student, or lives with students! There’s a lot of rushing around as people get ready to go back to school, so this week’s email is short and sweet. We’ve got three ideas, all based on our templates, that you can get done before that first bell rings.

Rasmussen College’s “Launch Your Friend’s Future” Trivia Campaign

Trivia contests can add a little fun to a campaign. Rasmussen College added a different trivia question to each day of their week-long campaign. To add a little more engagement, entrants are encouraged to refer a friend to earn extra entries into the campaign.

IDEA: Encourage people to learn more about your service or product by requiring them to answer the question correctly in order to be qualified to win.

Ergobag’s “Einschulung 2017” Photo Contest

Photo contest don’t always need a voting phase. Check out ergobag’s photo contest. Entrants submit a photo of their kiddo’s first day of school. Although a Voting Widget is used to display entries, the voting feature is disabled. This allows ergobag to show off the entries that were submitted, but to choose a winner randomly or using a panel of judges.

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SafeHouse Chicago’s “Kids Eat Free” Coupon

Do you run a family-friendly restaurant, or offer kid-friendly entertainment? Kids Eat Free coupons or discount child admission vouchers can help you  grow your email marketing list and get folks in the door. SafeHouse Chicago created a streamlined campaign where people simply enter their email address to download a Kids Eat Free coupon. The coupon is delivered via email using our autoresponder feature, ensuring that folks submit their real email address to receive the deal.

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An Easy Quiz, Contest and Coupon
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