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How to Get Your Customers to Love You! [Infographic]

Valentine's Day Promotion

How often do you take a minute to show your customers some love? Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day can be a huge windfall for businesses of all sizes. More than half of adult Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day, to the tune of $1.6 billion!

So there’s no time like today to set up a Valentine’s Day campaign, which you can do easily with our  “Give Some Love” template.  We’ve also got an example for you to take a look at, right here.

According to this infographic from The Shelf, men spend more than women (an average of $191!) do during this month, so you’d be wise to tailor some of your campaigns around them.

Americans also spend a lot on our fluffy friends: $703 Million, according to The Shelf.

Read on to see how else we’re showing our love this month.


Valentine's Day Promotion
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