How to Link to Your Instagram Profile

How to Add Paragraph Spacing to Your Instagram Posts

Instagram is super hot right now, so why not give your fans an easy way to follow you from your app? In case you didn’t know, we now have two shiny new Templates that integrate with Instagram, plus an Instagram Widget.

Now, onto my tip for the week.

How to Link to your Instagram Profile

Linking to your profile is as easy as adding a Links Widget and providing the URL to your Instagram Profile. You can make the link say something like “Follow Us on Instagram.” However, something you may not know is that Instagram provides a downloadable icon that you can use to make your link snazzy and official looking.

Here is the link:

You’ll notice they also provide a code that you can embed into your app, but I will tell you that it does exactly the same thing as adding a links widget as I described above. It just links users to your profile. If you do choose to use the code they’ve provided, you’ll need to paste it into a Plain Text widget in ShortStack. I suggest using a Plain Text widget versus a Code Widget because you can target the Plain Text Widget with CSS, you’re unable to do this with a Code Widget.

Pretty easy, eh?

How to Add Paragraph Spacing to Your Instagram Posts
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