How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel [Infographic]

Capturing Leads from Live Video

Do you use YouTube for your business? The following stats should make the platform intriguing for most brands.

• YouTube has more than a billion users.

• YouTube reaches more than 18-49 year old users than any cable network in the U.S. ~~> if this is a target demographic for you, this stat should get your attention.

• 80 percent of YouTube viewers are outside the U.S. ~~> it’s a great vehicle for reaching an international audience.

• More than 50 percent of videos have been rated or include comments from viewers.

• 100 million people share, like or comment on YouTube every week.

• An auto-shared tweet from YouTube brings in six new YouTube views on average.

• More than 500 tweets per minute contain a YouTube link.

• On mobile, the average YouTube viewing session is now more than 40 minutes (up 50% year over year).


At ShortStack we use our YouTube channel primarily for user education.  Thanks to We are Top 10 for sharing this infographic.

How to Start a Successful Youtube Channel Infographic

Capturing Leads from Live Video
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