How do Your Customers Prefer to Receive Promotions From You? [Infographic]

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Which channels do you use to communicate deals and promotions and other marketing information to your customers?

Do you know which channels they prefer?

Since it’s the time of year when consumers are inundated with advertising-related communications, including sale announcements and coupons, it’s probably a good time to ask.

If you’re curious to know what your customers prefer, create a survey using ShortStack’s Personality Quiz Template. (If you don’t have a ShortStack account yet, sign up for a free account and access our 30+ templates, including the ones listed here.)

Or, to make it easier on yourself, just use the results from Marketing Sherpa’s recent survey.

Earlier this year, the marketing research firm asked 2,057 American adults: “In which of the following ways, if any, would you prefer companies to communicate with you?”

Marketing Sherpa learned that only eight percent of people don’t like to receive any marketing materials at all. They also learned the various ways people prefer to access deals and other special offers. Some of the highlights:

• 49% prefer to receive information via emails at a frequency they choose.

The best way to reach these consumers: Use ShortStack’s “Enter Email to Receive Coupon” template.

38% prefer to visit the company’s website when they want updates and promotions.

The best way to reach these consumers: Use ShortStack’s “Landing Page Reveal Form” template.

• 20% prefer to follow social media for deals.

The best way to reach these consumers: Use ShortStack’s “Blogger About Me” template.

28% prefer to receive deals and promotions in a physical store.

The best way to reach these consumers: Use ShortStack’s “Sports Bar” template (you don’t have to be a bar or restaurant to use it; template includes a map as well as sections to highlight specific products and discounts).

•17% prefer to receive deals and updates via text.

The best way to reach these consumers: Use ShortStack’s “Landing Page Form”

Check out other stats in the infographic below, from AdWeek.

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