Why ShortStack Is Perfect for Agencies

Why ShortStack Is Perfect for Agencies

Does your agency use interactive marketing campaigns to drive leads for clients?

If so, I’m sure you are looking for a feature-rich and highly reliable SaaS solution to manage and scale these campaigns. Is ShortStack the right SaaS platform for your needs?

This article will help answer that question for you.

Here are seven reasons ShortStack is the perfect agency solution for contests, sweepstakes, landing pages, and more.

1. Have Complete Design Control

A big problem with out-of-the-box software solutions for interactive campaigns and landing pages is their lack of flexibility when it comes to design. There always seem to be a few elements that are out of kilter, leaving your client’s brand at jeopardy and the campaign less influential than you’d like.

ShortStack’s Style Panel gives you complete control of colors, hover effects, fonts, padding, margins, and so much more. This allows you to create campaigns that meet your client’s brand guidelines and feel cohesive with the rest of their web experience.

Once you’ve created a style theme for a client you can save it and use it for future builds.

Check out the below video to see how the Style Panel works:

In addition, if you or someone on your team is confident coding with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, you can use the ShortStack platform to supercharge the customization of your campaigns. This helps create a truly unique experience for your clients – you’ll look like a genius and exceed their expectations!

Of course, this is merely an added bonus to using ShortStack – you don’t have to know how to code to use our platform. But it’s a nice-to-have for agencies that are looking to take customization up a level.

2. Pay One Fee for All Your Clients

Unlike other platforms that charge you per campaign or per client, ShortStack offers agencies a flat monthly/yearly fee. You can work on as many campaigns as you want from one account.

But it’s not just about “how” we charge but also “how much” we charge – our biggest competitors are simply more expensive for agencies.

Going with ShortStack helps you better manage costs and cash flow. And as you grow your portfolio, your cost per client will actually decrease, not increase!

3. Collaborate With Your Entire Team

Team collaboration can be extremely complex in an agency environment. You are likely juggling priorities and timezones with clients, remote workers, freelancers, in-house experts, and account managers. With so many moving parts things can slip through the cracks or not get done when they should.

ShortStack’s collaboration features help your team see and manage the critical elements of each campaign they are accountable for, by allowing you to manage roles, assign resources, and give access to clients.

Worried about how all of your work will be categorized appropriately so that the right people see the right content? We have a tagging system that allows you to tag campaigns, media, forms, and templates so that you can both organize and control access to assets when appropriate.

4. Save Time With Templates

Running interactive campaigns for clients involves a lot of repetition. Yes, there’ll always be an element of personalization depending on the campaign, but for the most part, you’ll find a winning formula and stick to it.

There are a lot of inefficiencies in re-creating the wheel every time you set up a campaign – starting from scratch, even though you know this campaign is very similar to the last one.

The ShortStack platform allows you to create and save campaign templates to replicate high-performing campaigns and save time. You can also tap into our template library which has almost 80 proven and fully-customizable templates to choose from. If you or your client already has a vision for your next campaign, perfect, pick a template that’s close to what you want and add to it. It’s a huge time saver.

Shortstack for agencies image

5. Unlock Advanced Campaign Analytics

The data points you capture during a client’s campaign are critical during the reporting process so that you can show tangible results and establish a retention conversation.

The ShortStack agency plan provides a plethora of valuable real-time metrics and analytics – including campaign referral sources, entries, shares, and more.

You can also incorporate tracking pixels – such as Facebook, Google Remarketing, and Google Analytics – to optimize your reporting and campaign performance via other platforms you already use.

Here is a behind-the-scenes video of the analytics reporting feature for agencies:

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6. Get Unrivaled Campaign Support

There is nothing worse than hitting a technical snag with a campaign and feeling like you are going it alone. Maybe the support team is in a different timezone or they take a day to get back to you. A day just isn’t good enough when you’re in the heat of the battle and your clients are watching your every move.

Our US-based support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

As an agency partner, you get access to this team of specialists who have over 15 years experience in strategizing, creating, running, and implementing interactive marketing campaigns. Chances are we’ll know how to make your campaign a success and which pitfalls to be aware of.

7. Forget About Tech and Focus on Client Outcomes

Coding your own interactive campaigns from scratch is both time-consuming and risky. Unless you are a full-stack development agency, you will run into security, stability, and scalability challenges at some point, especially as your client portfolio grows.

The ShortStack platform is already built for security, speed, stability, and customization, so you don’t have to deal with any of the technical headaches yourself.

This means you can focus on the one thing that matters more than anything else – delivering outcomes for your clients and strengthening your relationship.

Want more information? Check out our compliance documentation where we have resources about data security and privacy, as well as suggestions for making sure your campaigns are GDPR-compliant or meet ADA standards.

What Do You Get With The Agency Plan?

The ShortStack platform has 4 different plans – Trial, Business, Agency, and Brand.

The “Agency” plan supports the design, delivery, and optimization of interactive marketing campaigns for digital agencies who work with multiple clients that all have unique expectations and needs. Instead of paying per client, you pay one simple fee for all of your clients. It keeps things simple and lets you get to work.

The Agency plan has over 30 powerful features which you can learn more about here, but for now, let’s take a look at some of our favorites:

  • Customize landing page favicons in the tab of the web browser.
  • Unlock advanced analytics, including campaign referral sources, entries, shares, and more.
  • Collaborate with team members by managing roles, assigning resources, and giving access to clients.
  • Create and save campaign templates to replicate high-performing campaigns and save time.
  • Dynamically change campaign content based on geography.
  • Incentivize entrants to complete additional form fields by awarding more chances to win.
  • Get US-based support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.


If your agency uses interactive campaigns as a method for attracting leads and building awareness for your clients, then ShortStack provides a feature-rich and comparatively affordable platform to do so.

Our Agency plan is tailored to suit the unique needs of a client services business, with robust team collaboration, design control, customization, templates, round-the-clock support, and advanced analytics.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with our sales team today.

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Why ShortStack Is Perfect for Agencies
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