Social Media in the News 2016-2017 [Infographic]

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Do you find it hard to keep up on newsworthy moments that affect how we all use social media? It’s no wonder. Things change all the time, as this infographic from The Website Group makes obvious.

Each month during 2016 significant changes were made to some of the most popular social networks.

January 2016: Instagram increased video ad time to 60 seconds.

February 2016: Snapchat rolled out on-demand geofilters.

March 2016: Facebook began promoting live video in the news feed.

April 2016: Snapchat released Chat 2.0 .

May 2016: Twitter changed the ways it counts 140 characters.

June 2016: Pinterest added visitor retargeting and other targeting tools.

July 2016: Instagram rolled out “stories.”

August 2016: Facebook disarmed ad-blockers and looked to improve ad relevance.

September 2016: Twitter began live-streaming the Thursday night NFL games.

October 2016: Pinterest announced it has 150 monthly active users.

November 2016: Facebook introduced “job listings,” a potential threat to LinkedIn.

December 2016: Instagram added live video and grew to 600 million accounts.

January 2017: Twitter began providing a major events calendar to help brands tap into conversations.

February 2017: Pinterest released data showing how people use the platform to plan weddings.

That’s just one newsworthy changes for each of the past 14 months. The infographic below includes many more. Did any of the news affect your business one way or another? Let us know @shortstacklab

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