The History of the Hashtag [Infographic]

Choosing the right hashtag can be a relatively easy way to expand the reach of your content and get your photo, contest, etc. in front of more people.

Do you know the history of the hashtag? Hint: the hashtag is way older than Instagram and Twitter. Most people know # as a symbol for “pound” but did you also know that the lowly hashtag also represent the word “checkmate” in algebraic notation?

Tweets that include hashtags get twice the engagement and hashtag-less tweets — just limit yourself to two hashtags. On Instagram, 11 is the perfect number if you’re looking for interactions. The one place where hashtags don’t seem to be helpful is on Facebook: Facebook posts without hashtags have better reach, according to EdgeRank Checker.

Have hashtags helped you find a following on Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Twitter?

The Power of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing


Thanks to Digital Marketing Philippines for this comprehensive look at the history of hashtags.

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