3 Ways to Distribute Unique Coupon Codes in your next Online Marketing Campaign

3 Ways to Distribute Unique Coupon Codes in your next Online Marketing Campaign

Getting coupons in the hands of your customers has come a long way since clipping them from the Sunday paper. Now, whenever you open your inbox, you’ll find special offers and coupons available at the click of a button. However, not all coupon codes are the same in the eyes of the marketer and the customer. Likewise, not every way of distributing coupon codes is equally effective.

There are two basic types of coupon codes most companies distribute — static and unique. Static coupon codes are the same for each shopper. You probably see these most often in your inbox. They are easy to remember and type (e.g. SUMMER2020 and SAVE30). However, if you want to track the success of your campaign, such as redemption and ROI, then these types of codes won’t cut it.

Static and unique coupon codes

Unique coupon codes are sometimes known as random codes. Different from static codes, unique codes cannot be shared between individuals. They are effective for rewarding only your loyal customers and driving email list signups. Unique codes often consist of a hard to guess mix of characters that are exclusive to that customer’s coupon. They allow marketers to track the success of their marketing efforts, as the number of codes distributed is set, the number of times they can be redeemed is set, and who each code was distributed to is known.

Designing your unique codes is pretty straightforward. You can use a completely random string of characters (e.g. 9ENIU4L29WAYXHZH). Alternatively, a themed unique code that includes a random element can reflect your marketing campaign or brand. An example using the SUMMER2020 code above, when a random element is added it might be SUMMERKJ6T5ESR2020.

Shoppers often scour their inboxes or search the web for coupon codes before they complete a purchase. Leverage your customers’ desire for coupon codes to build your list and increase brand loyalty with one of the following ideas:

A landing page with a unique coupon code

Create a landing page where people can sign up for your mailing list. In exchange, they receive a unique coupon code via an autoresponder. Offering a unique coupon code in exchange for valuable data like an email address helps you to collect qualified leads. These people are interested in making a purchase now, and would likely be interested in making additional purchases in the future.

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An instant win contest with unique code distribution

A contest is the perfect opportunity to build brand awareness. A contest serves as a means of drawing attention to your brand from people who might not be regular customers. Instant win contests are effective vehicles for distributing other types of rewards beyond traditional prizes. Entrants find out immediately after form submission whether or not they win the prize. However, your interaction with the potential customer shouldn’t stop there. Send participants a unique coupon code to shop your site. This can drive new customers to your site and increase the ROI for your contest.

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An email sent to your list

Send an email to your existing list. Yes, this is the most commonly used method, but it ranks as one of the most effective. Emailing your list unique coupon codes makes those who subscribe feel special, like they are privy to exclusive offers not available to everyone else. Plus, seeing who redeems the coupon code can help you segment your list with leads who are more likely to make repeat purchases down the line.

Email with discount code

Distributing unique coupon codes is a powerful marketing tool. Not only will they help you build your list, but they also allow you to more accurately track the success of your campaign. Tried-and-true methods of distribution like sending emails and newer approaches like running contests can be useful for circulating your coupons to your customers.


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3 Ways to Distribute Unique Coupon Codes in your next Online Marketing Campaign
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