Make the “Facebook Connect” Button in Your Forms and Promos Stand Out

Customize the Facebook Connect Button in Forms and Promos

Are people not seeing the Login with Facebook button in your Promotion form? Use some CSS to draw more attention to it! Customizing the appearance of this button is much like styling the Share and Invite Friends buttons, with just some tiny tweaks.

/*Facebook Connect Button*/
.ss_box .facebook_id_field_block a{
 /*font color*/
background:#ffff00; /*button color*/
border: solid 1px #000000; /* border color, size, and line style */
font-family: arial, sans-serif; /* font-family determines the web-safe font used for the button name */
font-size: 14px; /* size of the text in the Facebook Connect Button */
border-radius: 3px; /* creates rounded corners, for a more button-like look.  The larger the number, the more rounded the corners.  If you don’t want rounded corners, change the border-radius to 0px */
padding:5px; /* amount of space between the text and the border of the button */

/*Facebook Connect Button Hover*/
.ss_box .facebook_id_field_block

background:#dd0000; /* background color of the Facebook Connect Button when you hover over it */

As with the Share and Invite Friends buttons, you can change the Hex Values, pixel dimensions, border styles, and the font-family to suit your tab.  The above is the CSS that would create a Friend Invite button that matches your Share buttons. Check out the following resources from for some sweet color and font guides:

Guide to web-safe fonts:

Customize the Facebook Connect Button in Forms and Promos
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